Hebrew Zoo Animal Vocabulary Printable

Do you remember making these origami fortune tellers as a kid? Now they have been re-imagined with Hebrew zoo animal vocabulary from Gus on the Go: Hebrew.

Create this fortune teller craft with your kids and practice your zoo animal vocabulary together! Cut out the fortune teller square and follow the origami directions to fold the vocabulary fortune teller. Slide your thumbs and index fingers underneath the flaps and pull them towards the middle to help form the fortune teller. Move your thumbs and index fingers to pinch and push the fortune teller. Now you’re ready!

To play:

1. Pick a number from the fortune teller flaps (1-4). Count in Hebrew, pushing and pinching the fortune teller in each direction per count.

2. Pick a vocabulary word. Spell the vocabulary word out, pushing and pinching the fortune teller in each direction per letter.

3. Pick a final vocabulary word and guess the zoo animal. Were you right? Lift the flap to find out!

Get your kids to LOVE the Hebrew language with Gus on the Go: Hebrew! This app is packed full of interactive lessons, engaging lesson reviews and fun vocabulary games.  Learning Hebrew has never been this fun!

Gus on the Go Hebrew Zoo Animal Fortune Teller Printable