Western Armenian Transportation Wheel Vocabulary Printable

Gus on the Go Western Armenian Transportation Wheel Printable
Spin the wheel of transportation! Gus on the Go is so excited to provide this super easy and interactive language craft to a printer near you! This design mirrors the transportation lesson in Gus on the Go: Western Armenian and is the perfect way to continue your child’s language learning experience.
Gus on the Go Western Armenian Transportation Lesson
Supplies Needed:


1 Metal Fastener
This printable printed on regular or cardstock paper*

Cut the two parts of the wheels along the dotted lines. Place the smaller green wheel directly on top of the transportation wheel, matching the X’s. Push the metal fastener through the two wheels and pull the metal flaps back. Spin the wheel!

* Print on cardstock for a sturdier craft.

Click here for our Transportation Printable in Western Armenian.

Get your kids to LOVE the Armenian language with Gus on the Go: Western Armenian! This app is packed full of interactive lessons, engaging lesson reviews and fun vocabulary games.  Learning Western Armenian has never been this fun!

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