Gus on the Go: Spanish for kids

Explore Spanish for kids with Gus on the Go’s original Spanish vocabulary app and then dive right into stories in Spanish with Stories by Gus on the Go. Our Spanish apps for kids give you an immersive experience from the start.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary

Gus on the Go: Spanish, iOS and Android language app

¿Quieres hablar español? Gus does too! Gus is excited to head to México and needs to learn some Spanish vocabulary for his trip. Gus will be making stops in Chihuahua, Monterrey, Chichen Itza and will end up in Mexico City. Join our native Spanish speaker in learning on how to properly pronounce words in the following categories:

animals, food, transportation, clothes, numbers and more.

Our language app offers a comprehensive way of learning nearly 90 vocabulary words through interactive lessons and fun vocabulary games unlocked by completing engaging lesson reviews.

Gus on the Go: Spanish, iOS and Android language app

Download our language learning app on your iOS, Android or Kindle Fire start learning Spanish with Gus today!


Learn Spanish through Stories

Already past basic vocabulary? Then dive deeper into the Spanish language with classic stories with a silly twist.

Meet the Lion & the Mouse (El León y El Ratón) One likes to sleep, the other likes to dance. It’s up to you to make them move, in Spanish!


“The apps are not only fun, they also effectively build vocabulary and pre-reading skills for young learners.”

Christa Jimenez

Pura Vida Moms

“Gus on the Go introduces children to basic Spanish words with clear native-speaker audio. It is a fun way to start to learn Spanish and a useful vocabulary review for kids who have already started the language learning journey.”

Jennifer Brunk

Spanish Playground

“Stories by Gus on the Go hits the right note for pacing, content, and interactivity for kids learning Spanish. It uses short, familiar stories to teach children beginning Spanish words and phrases.”

Melissa Taylor

Imagination Soup