1. Uncle Goose Blocks

It goes without saying that Uncle Goose blocks are one of the best gifts out there for bilingual babies. I’ve purchased these for friends in French and Hebrew. These are now also available in Braille & Sign Language. (I would suggest double checking the images to make sure the it’s 100% correct) It also makes for the best baby shower gift.

2. Walk This World

I’ve purchased this book for my boys and several friends’ kids. It doesn’t have as much information as I’d like but it’s gorgeous and has tons of flaps for kids to open and explore. There’s a hidden flag on each page and my boys race to find it first.

3. Lil’ Libros 

I’ve been hearing so much about Lil’ Libros in the last year, I’m really excited to give these bilingual books to a friend this holiday season. It’s a great gift for the youngest bilinguals!

4. Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth

I stumbled upon this animator turned author by chance (Sanjay Patel of Monsters, Inc, Ratatouille, Cars, etc). The images are so vivid, dreamlike, simply wonderful. He also has 3 more books in this series that are worth checking out.

5. Maps

This year my kiddos have really gotten into world maps and this was a gorgeous way to explore it.

More maps you say?

Even though we live in the US, this is our favorite map puzzle- and my 5 year old has put it together at least 6 times. We mainly love it because we get to identify where our friends (Germany), neighbors (Athens, Greece & Skopje, Macedonia) and even movie characters are from (Italy) and we talk a little about the languages spoken there. Crocodile Creek also makes a US and World map puzzle.

7. Scratch Maps

Last map I swear!

I received a similar map a couple years ago and I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to scratch off a couple countries this winter as we travel overseas with the kiddos. Great for wanderlust friends and families.

8. Home

This has been on my wish list for quite some time and I’ll be picking up a copy for my boys this winter. I just love Carson Ellis’s whimsical illustration style.

9. Cora Cooks Pancit

You can never properly explore a culture until you’ve tasted its food! This one was gifted to a neighbor’s daughter who is half-filipino. Her grandfather’s pancit is the first we’ve ever tried!

10. Bee Bim Bop

And my last gift idea is not surprisingly another food book. We LOVE Korean food in this household so this Bee-Bim Bop book is easily our family favorite. It’s super fun rhythm makes the kids yell out all the words. I also use this book to do fun spelling activities at home with bop, shop, chop, mop, flop, and hop!