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Hear from fellow parents and educators around the world share their experiences and their best tips on raising multilingual and future global citizens.

Tips for Raising Bilingual Children for Busy Parents

I am a mom who works full time, so time, especially with my son, is precious. Almost every minute spent away from my family and work is spent doing or thinking about things that are necessary for our household so that I can focus solely on quality time with my son when we get home. Yet even those hours don’t seem like enough, a sentiment I am sure I share with other working parents.

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How to Maximize Language Exposure at Home

This week we asked our FAVORITE bilingual family podcaster, Marianna du Bosq, to share with us how she was able to maximize her daughter’s exposure to English and Spanish while living in Germany. These strategies apply to any and all parents looking to keep language learning a fun and integral part of their family life.

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Behind the Scenes: Creating Gus on the Go Eastern and Western Armenian

Early last summer the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) reached out to us to work with them to develop Gus on the Go in Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. We’re so excited to finally be able to release this for the international Armenian community. It’s been a very personal project for all parties involved and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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